Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Here at Micawber's we are getting ready for the holidays.

We are building up stock of new and favorite titles.

New Adult Books

From serious to funny, we have a lot of books in the store.  And more on the way!

Kid's Books

Some of my favorite clever/humorous books are:

Texts from Jane Eyre, by Mallory Ortberg

The texts from Hamlet are my daughter's particular favorite.

What If?, by Randall Munroe

Very clever and funny!  Real answers to absurd questions.

101 Two-Letter Words, by Stephin Merritt

Words like "Yo," "Aa" and "Xu."  Each word is accompanied by a four-line, rhyming poem.  This is perfect for Scrabble players in your life.  Plus, the illustrations are great!

This is just a sampling of the humorous books out this year.  If you have a person in your life who enjoys clever humor, maybe one of these books will fit the bill for a gift this holiday season.  Enjoy!

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